Beautiful nail alternative!

SNS, the new brand making me blush.


SNS, the alternative to gel nails.

I gave it a try today!  I love the “over the top” glitter and bright colors on my nails.  I mean, it makes me happy every time I look at t

hem so I’ve never changed to the fall/neutral tones.  (Even though they look amazing too!)

What is SNS?  Well, it’s a new type of system that delivers the hard-like gel look without UV activation.  Which I love, because I always know the UV during gel isn’t good for me.

Does it work? This is my second time with this new system, and the nails have not chipped or peeled off. Honestly, I think this system is better than gel and acrylic that I’ve had in the past.

How does it work?  For starters, it’s actually faster than both alternatives. The Nail tech will coat your nail with a special clear thick coat and then dunk your entire nail into the powder.  The powder almost dissolves and creates the perfect color with zero marks. My nail lady does finish the manicure with a top gel coat.

I’ve seen most places prices around 35-45$.

This is a great alternative is you’re like me: want beautiful, chip-free nails without putting in too much time. All without UV light 🙂 give it a try!

Beauty find that I ❤️ love.


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