That product everyone is raving about…

Well, I finally tried it! The Hanacure All-In-One Facial. Otherwise known as the best at home facial out there.

And let me be the 3947393th to agree.


I got it in the mail this week, and was waiting until the weekend to try it. You know, in case it fails and my face rejects it…

Well, good news everyone, my face didn’t reject it.  It LOVED it. And here’s why:

First, my skin is not too terrible to begin with.  I get an occasional blemish, and suffer from mild to moderate redness.  My face is semi-sensitive and new products can easily cause irritation.  Without make-up, my face lacks the “all one color” thing that the Kardashians and other beauty icons have–my skin is semi-splotchy.  The “tone” thing is my number one issue.  I have tried IPL, topical dermatologist recommended products, chemical peels, everything.

So today, I didn’t really have my hopes set high–I just wanted to see that crazy tight face everyone keeps ranting about.

Here’s what happened:

I mixed my product as instructed. It turns into a gel that is easily applied with their super cute application brush.

It feels nice and cool initially, I just continued my morning routine.

About 15 minutes in, holy moly. I was blow drying my hair, watching my face lift minute by minute.  My lips also grew two sizes because of the blood flow being redirected to a non-gel-covered part of my face! haha! **Note: I did not fan face while drying, as it is an option for maximum results.**

After 32 minutes, I rinsed my face and the gel melted off easily.  The results you ask? Initially a lot of redness. In about 20 minutes, my face felt warm, plump, and beautiful.

See before and after photos in Featured Product page soon!

Four Masks, 110$, buy here!


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