Winky Lux: New brand review!

New brand! And it’s a winner…
Winky Lux popped up in conversation with another beauty-crazed makeup lover… and we decided to both give it a try. I ordered a few different items, two of which I really recommend. The other two were subpar. 

First is their version of a highlighter. It’s a creme form that blends amazingly, that can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge. I used my fingers the first few times using it and I had compliments from my roomie a few minutes later. I got the Rose Gold color, as that’s my go to when I blend around my cheekbone. All the other colors sounded appealing too. The highlight itself was subtle but noticeable. Exactly how I like my cheeks. 

The second product I think is super cute, both in packaging and on my lips is their lip stain. There’s a little flower on the inside of stick, and it goes on clear. In about 15 minutes you’re blessed with “natural” pretty pink lippies:)

I was not a fan of their primer. It’s a whipped consistency with zero scent, (which I didn’t mind, I wish more things were unscented). My problem was after the night went on, I felt like my makeup was not staying as well as when with my normal primer. Additionally, I had a few breakouts after trying this product. This was the only change to my routine, so I know this was the variable causing the breakout 😦 
In conclusion, this is a new brand I haven’t seen in any beauty stores yet. I say give it a whirl if you’re into precious packaging, solid products, and fun accents. I didn’t try their foundations or anything so I can’t speak for those, but the highlighter and lip stain were totally worth the purchase. The price is super fair as well as an additional bonus! 

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