Favorite on the go fixer-upper ❤

If you’re anything like me, you want your makeup to look perfect all day long, without looking like you have any on…am’i’right?! I take this compact everywhere.

Well, I’ve found the best in-between-application compact, made my Lancome and I have tried a ton.  When I was growing up, I was so insecure about my face and the imperfections that I would spend ALL my money on “longest lasting” and “best coverage” products.  As I’ve grown, it’s just important that the finish is natural and it makes me feel most beautiful.  Makeup isn’t really for covering up, so none of the products I recommend are high coverage.  This compact is medium build able coverage.

The texture of the product is my favorite part, and truly makes this product stand out.  It is almost a creme on application that dries quickly, and turns almost matte.  It doesn’t ever appear caked on. Just smooth and flawless. ❤

My boyfriend always mentions how great my skin has looked lately, he says its “fine aging”, but I promise it’s this product! 😉

Used best: as the finish product on top of normal makeup application before blush/highlighter before finishing spray/powder.  There are a bunch of different shades–I know you’ll be able to find yours.

As a touchup: Use only on T zone, start on chin or nose, and blend out. Be careful of your blushed cheeks as it will cover up your hard work!

The product does come with its own applicator and its similar to a sponge for perfect blending.

Buy now! You’ll love it.

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