Fresh: Nectar

Let me just start off by saying I love the Fresh line.  This product review will be for just the Nectar, but I encourage y’all to check out their Rose Toner as well.

To start, the scent of this product is, alone, enough reason to love it.  Secondly, the way my face feels after is exactly how I want my recently exfoliated face to feel; like heaven. The price tag is on the high end, but a little goes a long way.

Self tanners: this product is gentle enough to keep a healthy glow from spray tan/self tanning lotions.

Before: if your face feels like it needs some brightening, or your face feels like it has some build up (from a fun girls night out!?), you can start there.

I use less than a tablespoon for my entire face and neck, after rinsing face with water, and rub gently in circular motions.  After about two minutes, i rinse off using a gentle face exfoliation round (from CVS or Walgreens).  Ta-dah!

After: Bright, clean, smooth face ready to shine 🙂


Bought on, 62$pexels-photo-450028


4 thoughts on “Fresh: Nectar

  1. Sofia Adriana says:

    I’ve been eyeing this face mask for so long, mainly because I absolutely love the smell of it and every time I walk into Sephora I have to go check it out. I don’t like buying products without reading sufficient reviews about it so thanks for the input, I may very well have to give this a try now!

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